Friday, November 27, 2009

Found Objects...

Have fun taking pictures creatively! For this photograph, I placed my Nikon D3 with a 14-24mm wide angle lens directly on top of a glass counter. The lens faced downward to randomly capture tobacco memorabilia. Resting it on the counter allowed me to creatively "compose" without the limitations of a tripod, but still retaining the benefits of stability with a longer exposure. The results were serendipitous, as I couldn't quite see into the viewfinder for most shots, depending on where I placed the camera.

Have fun enhancing your pictures creatively! In Photoshop, I added a layer of texture for interest and to "age" the image with vintage effects. A single texture layer using a Blend Mode of Overlay, made the composition look even more nostalgic. The image was processed using Lucis Pro, and a finishing touch was added that darkened the edges. We do this and more in my online course, Photoshop - Enhancing Images and Creating Works of Art. Class starts next week, I hope to see you there!