Monday, October 26, 2009

On Patrol...

1953 and 1947, both great years for automobiles! These two police cars are parked right outside the Savannah Police Barracks just waiting for a little action. Like the look? Here are a couple of ideas you can work with to create your own classic car painting.

As you photograph, use a polarizer to help reduce unwanted reflections and let the beautiful car color shine through. Shoot for HDR, using a tripod, cable release, and enough exposures to cover the dynamic range in the scene.

In Photoshop, enhance the color and detail in your image using Topaz Detail. One of my favorite presets is Bold Detail, try it! Next, create a painterly look using Snap Art, Impasto, or any of the other artistic effects. Give your image a finishing touch using OnOne Photoframe 4, or create your own edge treatment in Photoshop.

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