Friday, October 23, 2009

Make great pictures in HDR...

Fall color, Florida style! This caboose is painted orange instead of red which is the more traditional caboose color, but it works for introducing a little "fall color" in the scene. There were obstacles to getting a good exposure with a single image with intense light and shadow in the foreground. The simplest solution was to shoot for HDR and merge the images in Photomatix to create a better balanced final image.

When processing an HDR image, you can make it look photo-realistic, painterly, grungy, or any variation using the Photomatix Tone Mapping filter. With my "Florida Orange" caboose, I wanted a realistic photo look, with a little enhanced color. This was easy to do starting with the "Natural" preset within Tone Mapping filter. You can follow up by using any of the Topaz Adjust filters for more fun and interest. Happy shooting and make great pictures!