Thursday, September 17, 2009


Red roses are a sign of romance, love and passion. The color red in general has many other connotations, including intensity, strength, and power. Red commands attention and can be a significant compositional element in an image.

I'm partial to roses, and I liked working them into this composition. I thought the woman looked graceful, and she had a beautiful gesture in her pose. The addition of roses seemed to complete the picture.

I like adding texture to a photograph, such as these roses. I keep a folder of textures that I continually add to from my travels. Texture can make things more interesting, adding depth, definition, and a dimensional quality.

Texture can encompass just about anything. One of my favorites is a cracked and peeling gold painted wall. Another favorite is a close up of a rusty metal door with layers of colorful flaking paint. Wooden textures like old barn doors, ripples in beach sand, and even flowers make wonderful textures to add to an image.

I'll cover more about textures and working with digital images in my upcoming course at Photoshop- Enhancing Digital Images and Creating works of art - starting November. Until then, start collecting textures...