Thursday, August 13, 2009

Classic cars...

One of the things I'm passionate about is photographing classic cars! I love the shape, the color, the wonderful hood ornaments that speak about the "jet age" of the 50's. They're big, powerful expressive cars, and they're just not made like this anymore!
The cars at shows are perfectly maintained and offer the photographer a great opportunity to work with a wonderful subject. I like to get down "face to face" shooting with a wide-angle lens. The lower angle exaggerates the features and gives the car a lot of character. And in doing so, you'll always see my little "self portrait" in the bumper!
I had a lot of fun photographing the car, and I had just as much fun working with it afterwards in Photoshop! One of the first things I did was to replace the background with something more interesting that would complement the image. I used a colorful graffiti wall that I photographed in Atlanta's Little Five Points. This was the perfect marriage of color and style and allows the image to tell a different story!
I like to take a creative/artistic approach with my photography. The picture out of the camera is often just a start. I also like to use various filters that will enhance my image, such as Lucis Pro. This is one of my very favorite plug-ins to use with color and infrared images. Use code DEBSANDIDGE for a discount.
Like the car? Look for it in the summer issue of Nikon World Magazine!
Happy shooting!