Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little romance...

There's a quote about photography "shoot it when you see it." This has proved true, things change and you can't go back. It's important to capture the moment as it happens, as it may never be the quite the same again.
This was the case with an incredible sky, and the very much in love couple enjoying the view. My intent was to photograph an alternate scenic view overlooking the Havana waterfront. There was a fast approaching storm and I had to set up quickly for the waterfront, but I knew couldn't miss the opportunity to photograph this couple.
I'll spare you the scary storm details, but I'm glad I photographed the couple first! The expressive sky darkened with rain and lightning, and the couple fled for safety moments later.
I like to use image enhancing software, such as Topaz Adjust. Using this Photoshop plug-in allowed me to bring out the various colors and detail, and made the image a little more romantic.
Don't miss your chance...