Friday, August 7, 2009

Camera Club of Brevard...

The Camera Club of Brevard graciously invited me to speak to the club members about digital infrared photography this week. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with club members, talk about infrared photography, show my perspective from the creative side, and answer a few questions.
Some of the members haven't heard about BetterPhoto yet. It was great to talk for a moment about my course, how online classes work, and share some goodies BetterPhoto sent for the occasion!
I truly enjoyed talking with everyone, Richard Thomson, President of the club, Erik, Debbi, Michael, Dick Robertson - what a guy! The beach coffeehouse was the perfect touch to end the evening, and it was a lot of fun to relax and talk.
A very big thank you to the Camera Club of Brevard for inviting me -- it was my pleasure to be there!