Monday, August 17, 2009


"Not everybody trusts paintings, but people believe photographs" - Ansel Adams...
I liked the character of this old abandoned building, it seemed to be stuck in a moment in time. Memories everywhere, old receipts and paperwork, suggestions of a once thriving business. Now there are bird nests in desk drawers, broken windows, rust, peeling paint and cobwebs in the corners, it has aged to perfection.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) allows the photographer to record incredible detail in the highlight, midtones and shadow areas of an image. The process of HDR is sophisticated, yet simple and easily accomplished by the digital photographer.
I made a series of exposures to capture detail in the deepest shadow areas inside the closet, and the brightest highlight areas outside the windows, creating an interesting final image.
The resulting exposures merged to HDR have a colorful painterly quality with the help from the Photomatix Tone Mapping filter and few of my favorite filters in Photoshop.
Color images are wonderful in HDR, as are black and white and infrared too! Try it, you'll be captivated by the color, detail, and dynamic range of light recorded in your image.
Photo tip - Use a tripod, low ISO, and Aperture priority. Make a series of exposures two stops apart to cover the entire dynamic range of the image, from the brightest to the darkest areas. Use auto-bracketing to make things faster and easier.
Make great pictures!