BetterPhoto Courses

Join Deborah Sandidge for creativity, learning and fun in 4-week online courses at

Long Exposure Creativity
Learn how to create surreal and beautiful imagery through the art and technique of long exposure photography. During this comprehensive and fun 4 week course, Deborah will guide you through inspirational ideas to create fascinating photos. You'll learn how to convey the passage of time, create imagery with a sense of motion, still rippled water to mirror perfect reflection, paint the clouds as brushstrokes in the sky, capture streaks of light from passing cars, photograph twilight, shoot for the stars and beyond! You'll enjoy making unique imagery through the use of creative long exposure techniques, and come away with captivating fine art photos.

Enhancing Images & Creating Works of Art
Expand your photographic horizons, explore artistic filters, and develop the enhancement skills needed to make unique digital imagery through creative techniques and Photoshop plug-ins. Deb will guide you through various techniques turning your imagination into art.

Capture the surreal qualities of infrared light with your digital camera and create stunning images. Author of Digital Infrared Photography, Deborah will guide you and share the techniques used by professionals to round out your photography. You'll learn Photoshop essentials for infrared and how to apply your creative vision to your photography.